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My friend Nneka who is a script writer/actress and also a blogger at Neker’s Nibs is a great cook!

Many times after creating a recipe, she cooks it and adds her own personal touch to it so it’s only natural that she give birth to a chef like herself…her daughter Ella.

Simply adorable!

Simply adorable with a rolling pin her size..lol! Complete with a Chefs hat her mummy made for her.

A 5 year old who is permanently by her mama’s side each time she cooks, such a sweet child, praying for one like her 😀 . Nneka is always sending me pictures of what they cook together, from homemade pizza to bread and finally, Ella baked these pretty cupcakes all by herself! Just had to share…

Growing up, one of the things that helped me stay interested in food/cooking (started making sand-sand food before age 5) is that I was always in the kitchen helping my mum…sometimes willingly, sometimes grudgingly!! Lol, but today I’m grateful for that experience because before I could start pounding crayfish and pepper for her, I was her little taster. Helped her taste for pepper and salt like 10 times before the meal was done.. and sometimes we both tasted just how soft the meat was too 😉 . Cooking came naturally after that and I encourage mothers to allow their kids help, both male and female. Ella has a 2 year old brother Noel who is always helping her too! Such a cute duo.



Now here’s Ella, Our little Chefs recipe for mini cupcakes, very simple and childlike but with great results. Please try out this recipe at home with your kids, follow us on Twitter and Instagram as @clarascornerng, send us pictures with #myminichef hashtag. Looking forward to hearing from you.


200g plain all purpose flour

200g sugar

150g margarine

200g powdered milk

4 tablespoons warm water

1 level teaspoon baking powder

1/2 teaspoon grated nutmeg

1/4 teaspoon cinnamon powder

1/2 cup dried fruit mix

3 large eggs


Process all the ingredients at high speed in the food processor using the dough blade for 3 minutes.


Stop and push down the sides so everything mixes well. Process for another 4 minutes, stop.

Take out the dough blade and scrape of any of the mix on it. Then pour in the fruit and mix with a spatula.


Spoon the mix,(about halfway full) into the cupcake cases in the muffin pan and smile like Ella.


All set for the oven

Natural childs curiosity got the best of her! :-)

Natural childs curiosity got the best of her! 🙂

she opened the oven before the cake was done…just to check 😉 .

Bake for 20 mins at 180 degrees and it’s ready once it’s golden brown like Ellas!



Enjoy says Ella and Noel!

When they are not baking :-)

When they are not cooking 🙂

Feel free to send a recipe of something your child made and I will gladly share it on the blog.

Azu 🙂 , have a great weekend!