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Happy Easter! 🙂

Been ages right? 😦 There was supposed to be an Easter Promo where blog members and fans can win small kitchen gifts but the elections last week delayed a lot of things including parcel deliveries. Watch out for Easter Giveaways coming up later this week.

There hasn’t been a new recipe on the blog in a while, I hope to start sharing some soon even though I know most of us haven’t cooked all the recipes on the blog so far. A lot of social media activities are ongoing making new friends and moving the blog into new circles. Bare with me for now, I’m working for the good of the blog 🙂 .

Today I’d like to share pictures of dishes I have received from from blog readers, there about one hundred and twenty (120) recipes published on the blog and It’s nice to see people cooking through those recipes and sending me pictures, here are a few of them.


Tife’s Unripe plantain porridge

@kimtife on Twitter sent me a picture of her Plantain Porridge.

Nnekas Liver sauce

Nnekas Liver sauce

Nneka made Liver Sauce and added veggies to hers!

Eniola made Vegetable Curry

Eniola made Vegetable Curry

Pretty looking Vegetable Curry huh?

Feyikemis Burger (meat)

Feyikemis Burger (meat)

The Burger Meat was a hit in Feyikemi’s home.

Chigozies Liver Sauce

Chigozies Liver Sauce

Chigozie posted her Liver Sauce on our Instagram page @clarascornerng


Nnekas Domo Ice-cream , added chocolate chips to hers.

Ngozis Afang

Ngozis Afang

My cousin, Ngozi was inspired to make her own pot of Afang Soup after the Valentine recipe.

Uloaku's Baked Beans Salad

Uloaku’s Baked Beans Salad

Uloaku treated her family to a breakfast of Warm Baked Beans Salad.

Eniola's Couscous Platter!

Eniola’s Couscous Platter!

Eniola recently made Couscous and her family thoroughly enjoyed it!

There are so many recipes to cook from and it gladdens my heart when I see pictures, that way I know the blog is fulfilling it’s purpose. Please like our Facebook page, Follow on Twitter and Instagram so you can send me your pictures!

Looking forward to hearing from you, Azu 🙂 .