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Hello there!

been getting lots of positive response on the bitter leaf soup shared on Monday, didn’t know my people like swallow tinz like this!..

Today is all about getting creative in the kitchen turning around what would have been a disaster into a fun meal.

Dealing with excess salt:

About two weeks ago on twitter, @Omahzuh asked a question on how to manage a pot of food that’s too salty. That can be a heartbreaking especially because of the ingredients, time and effort that went into making but no need to despair. Off the top of my head solution is to make a fresh pot of soup/stew/jollof rice without any stock cube eg: Maggi or Knorr. Make half the original pot of food then mix both the salty and bland one together and the salt problem is taken care of!

When food doesn’t inspire:

Recently some colleagues were given good old Corn Flakes…that wasn’t Kelloggs.


Naturally most of the ajebo ladies complained, but when it comes to creative eating, any meal can be jazzed up! Admittedly, the first thing that crossed my mind was this isn’t my kind of cereal and I wasn’t going to eat it but my pantry inspired me, filled with all sorts of things including whole and flaked almonds (yeah! I love almonds), dried raisins and mixed fruit.



Flaked almonds, whole almonds and mixed fruits/raisins

Throw in a handful of almond and raisins and my dear plain bowl of Good Morning cornflakes becomes an exotic bowl of cereal!


What would have been a bowl of 250 calorie breakfast of carbs becomes a bowl of vitamin rich cereal such as Biotin, a complex B vitamins which helps breaks down fats and carbohydrates. Raisins which are dry grapes are rich in anti-oxidants which contains anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and blood cholesterol lowering properties.


Imagine a simple bowl of cornflakes, almonds and raisins containing all of this. I don’t know if I would buy this particular corn flakes on iown but its nice to know you can embellish it should you find yourself with a carton of it.


Same goes for any kind of plain cereal.



Straight out of the box

Raisins added

Raisins added

And some flaked and whole almonds

And some flaked and whole almonds


Don’t give up on any breakfast cereal, they have the potential to transform into rich breakfast cereal.

And when the cereal is done, you can use the almonds and raisins for other things like an almond-lemon tea loaf.


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Enjoy the rest of your week!

Azu 🙂 .