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The other day I was minding my business and on my way somewhere when I saw huge red grape fruits in a fruit vendors cart. Naturally I bought one and immediately came up with a fruit salad. Most times, fruit salads are a mixture of different fruits, will be sharing one in a few days. After buying the grapefruit and thinking of what else to combine it with, I thought of a fresh tasting fruit salad that releases a burst of juiceness with every bite and then it just settled it my spirit…a combination of grapes! Grapes and grapefruit are totally different but were a fantastic combination in this recipe because while grapes are sweet, grapefruit is abit tart so they compliment each other.


Green and Red Grapes


Grapes come in 3 varieties,  green, red and purple. Growing up in Kano, I enjoyed alot of purple and green grapes. They are beleived to be good for the heart especially when eaten with the seeds. They contain enzymes which is beleived to help relax blood vessels which helps blood flow better thereby reducing the risk of a heart attack or stroke. Grapefruit come in 2 varieties, red and white. They are high in Vitamin C, eating them is a natural way to boost ones immune system. Now that we know all about their benefits, let’s find out how I combined them.

Ingredients : ( serves 2 )

Small bunch firm green grapes

Small bunch firm red grapes

1/2 large red grapefruit

2-3 tablespoons honey mint dressing


Wash fruits with water and a little white vinegar.

Slice grapes into 2 or 3 depending on their size.

Peel grapefruit and gradually remove the juice pockets from the membranes.



Grapefruit juuce pockets, seperated from their membranes

Grapefruit juuce pockets, seperated from their membranes

Mix all 3 grapes together in a bowl, chill until ready to serve. ( better made overnight, the fruits release their juices and give a juicier salad)




Serve chilled with a generous drizzle of honey mint fruit salad dressing.




Azu 🙂 .

***Note: The grapefruit had large juice pockets, so seperating them was easy. You can use juicier ones and remove them from the membranes so the salad doesn’t have a bitter aftertaste.