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Happy Saturday!  🙂

Sorry I didn’t post on Monday,  was a little tired and decided to take some time off. This month reminds one that the year is almost over but still have time to acheive some goals. Heavy rainstorms are threatening to raise roofs, I just hope it ushers in harmattan then it will be worth it.

Todays recipe is a very simple one, created and cooked in ten minutes. It’s certainly a great idea for Saturday or Sunday morning breakfast.  Growing up baked beans, sausages, bacon and eggs was standard Sunday morning breakfast, oh! How I loved Sundays!. The way I have always done this recipe is simply to add onions and fresh pepper to the baked beans and heat it up in the micro wave, but I got inspired to add a few more ingredients this time and it came out great! Let’s share it together…

Part of the reason I’m sharing this recipe is that people are starting to worry about their calorie intake even though they don’t know how to count calories. Off the top of my head, I will say don’t eat more than one starchy meal a day ie: don’t eat yam porridge,  rice and stew and eba on the same day. Hopefully, soon I can start addressing this mathematics problem called calorie counting.

Todays recipe is easy and light, eat this for breakfast and you will be committing no sin!

Former way

Former way

Very simple 10 minute recipe that will wow your family…

Ingredients : ( serves 2 )

1 tin baked beans

1 small green pepper

4 medium sized mushrooms

4 tablespoons sweet corn

2 bulbs fresh pepper

1 very small onion

1/4 Maggi crayfish cube (optional)* but highly recommended 🙂 , trust me!

Spring onions for garnishing.

New way...

New way…


Use a hand grinder to grind the pepper and onions or chop finely with a knife.



Slice mushrooms in quarters, cut the green pepper in small cubes. Set aside.


Once all your prepping is done, time to cook!

Empty the tin of baked beans into a small sauce pan/frying pan. Make sure the fire is on very low heat until small bubbles start forming.


Add the pepper and onions, stir.

After a minute or two, add the Maggi, green pepper and mushrooms.



Stir well and allow to boil for 2 minutes,  turn off heat then add sweet corn.


Garnish with spring onions and serve warm with the perfect sunny side up!


Hope you get to try it tomorrow 🙂 .





I enjoyed mine with whole wheat rolls...

I enjoyed mine with whole wheat rolls…



**note: alternatively,  you can mix all the ingredients and pop in the microwave for 4-5 minutes!