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Oiza's roast meat gravy

Oiza’s roast meat gravy

Hello peeps! 🙂

I’m dedicating today to the many people who make my blogging worth my time!

It’s obvious I started food blogging because I love to cook, but that’s not the only reason why. I find myself at a crossroads many times racking my brain on what to cook, I know many ladies who are almost bored out of their minds for eating the same foods over and over. Now! that’s why I created the blog. It gives me alot of joy just knowing that l taught someone a new recipe, I’m happy knowing a family just got a new snack simply because l shared a muffin recipe.

The thing is, many of us would love to try out recipes we see online but hesitate because 1 of the ingredients doesn’t sound familiar. I try to adjust most of the recipes I come across or create to suit our taste buds, no point cooking nyamas lol!

All my recipes are created from scratch and with ingredients found in shops around. My aim is certainly to enter into your kitchen and turn it upside down.

I know these are trying times with PHCN so making something new every week is just ideal hence my sharing a recipe every week.

Yesterday, a twitter follower shared this picture from last weeks posts. l keep staring at the picture and I am so amused that she made the gravy so well it’s so similar to mine down to the meat size and arrangement lol!

I have a friend in UK who almost always tries out the recipes, she’s made the eggplant stir fry and said her son couldn’t get enough of it. She tried the banana cinnamon muffins within 20 minutes of my posting it, now it’s a regular feature in her home.

I have another friend here in Lagos whose 80yr old foster grand-mother in the US made the lemony mango smoothie and took her time to send a mail on how much she enjoyed it.

A house fellowship member almost always makes French toast and sauteed sausages for her family every Saturday morning.

A friend in Asaba surprised her hubby with the Edikaikong recipe and is happily waiting for bitter leaf soup.

It’s been only 3 months but it’s been worth it simply because you all come here each week looking for something new to cook including those of you frowning right now because there are no new pictures….lol!

Join me on Friday for a finger licking some tin!

Azu :-).

*please mail pictures of recipes to Clarascornerng@gmail.com.