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Chicken strips and baby corn sauce

Chicken strips and baby corn sauce

My husband came back from work one day and said he saw a colleague eating a nice looking Chinese sauce made with shrimps, baby corn and carrots, so I decided to recreate it. Sharing with us today is what I came up with. This sauce is one of the easiest there is. Made with three very common vegetables, chicken and shrimps, it’s very tasty, healthy and colourful.

What you need:

3 Chicken fillet (found in Shoprite/ cut in small strips)

Medium pack of Shrimps (washed and de-veined)

1 tin of Baby corn (found in Shoprite)

1 tin of Mushroom (cut into small wedges)

1 pack Emma coconut powder

5 medium Carrots (cut in strips like in d pix)

2 medium Green pepper (cut in strips)

A small bunch of Spring onions ( Scallions )

2 bulbs of Onions (blend one with pepper, cut the other into strips)

3 bulbs of pepper (or as u like)

Seasoning (I used thyme, white pepper, dry meat spice, garlic, fried rice spice and knorr cubes)

Chicken stock

1 cooking spoon of Oil

Soy sauce

Salt to taste


Cut the chicken fillet into small strips and marinade in freshly ground pepper, garlic and onions, add dry meat spice, Knorr cubes and a little oil. Marinade as long as you want. (I do mine overnight)

Heat a cooking spoon of oil in a wok on a medium burner and put the chicken strips and onions with a sprinkle of thyme. Cook for about 20 mins on slightly lowered heat.

Add the mushroom and spring onions, cook for another 10 mins on normal heat.

Add your stock at this point and allow boil properly 5 mins.

Add the shrimps and 2 dashes/teaspoons of soy sauce.


Add the coconut powder mixed in a tablespoon of water in order to avoid lumps when it’s added to the sauce. If the chicken stock wasn’t enough to give the sauce juice, add a little water.

Check for taste before adding salt. Once you are happy with the taste and thickness, add your carrot, green pepper strips and baby corn.


Allow it to boil for 5 mins so the green pepper flavour can transform the sauce! Don’t over boil so it stays green and carrot stays orange and crunchy like in the picture!


Serve with plain Noodles or Basmatic rice.


*Tip: The vegetables were added last intentionally so they don’t get over cooked.